About Us

NetX plans to bring forth a process of sharing knowledge and sparking informed conversation through peer-to-peer learning and creating an environment for cooperative learning
Our aim is to help the student community contribute towards the advancement of the technical world and its evolution as its future engineers.

We at NetX hope to encourage the student populace to put into effect an integration of the skills they acquire productively and efficiently for the betterment of the future.


A community of students
passionate about growth through learning

NetX primarily focuses on Free and Open Source Software; free, in terms of lack of patent rights. This therefore provides a sense of freedom in speech, operation, modification and redistribution of the program.

We at NetX hope to provide a platform for students to advance and develop in their preferred areas of interest. Each of us integrate our talents and interests therefore becoming pillars to uphold our motto: Learn Develop Deploy.

This means that we learn in symbiosis, through sharing knowledge from different fields thereby broadening the limits considerably.