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For an Open Source lover, October is all about Hacktoberfest. NetX is all geared up to be part of something true to it's core.
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NetX Triskelion was one of a kind event that had taken the participants behind the scenes to help them learn how to organize an event. A week long competitive and learning experience with three rounds. Right from the planning and organizing, which is round 1, to designing and editing the poster, round 2, and to documenting the event, round 3, we made a round trip to explore and experience everything BTS. It helped the particicpants to understand everything that goes into conducting a successful event.

Learning C

β€œNecessity is the mother of inventions”, this event wasn’t an invention as such, but on the latter was organized off a necessity. Our third years from the ECE department had to appear for an exam on C language in a few weeks, but many were alien to the subject. The event aimed at equipping our friends for the exam and for future endeavours rooting from C.

NetX Hackathon

Was an event that rooted from a need to mingle among its members, being a newly formed club. While breaking the ice, we had a ton of fun learning and creating something new as a team.